Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Voigtlander Vito CD

I just got back from the camera store and I was so happy to find out that my mom's old voigetlander camera was not broken. Clearly, its no digital camera but I still think it takes beautiful pictures (judging from what my mom showed me). The other bonus is that it doesn't require special film (I was afraid that it wouldn't take the film they have now). Still, the camera guy told me its not as "user-friendly" as the camera's we are used to today. But being the nice guy he is, he gave a crash course in how to adjust it and what settings it should be on depending on the lighting etc. I honestly don't expect to get amazing shots for the first few rounds of film, but I think I'll get the hang of it eventually.


  1. Oh wow..! what a great find..
    Looking forward to seeing lovely pics from this oldie camera
    lee x

  2. thanks lee, I know that my first round of film won't be anything amazing...its a tester film but once I get the hang of it I'm going to post them on here.

  3. That is so awsome! Good to see high quality make lasting two generations; that this world is really not a consuming obsessively-throw-away driven society that there are people out there that keep things well and a cool kid that has the creativity to show us something we will all enjoy. . . Awaiting your future blogs be continued.

  4. Thanks, I should be handing in the first roll of film today at some point, I'm kind of nervous of what they will looking like...hopefully its blog-worthy hah