Saturday, 27 August 2011

Marc Jacobs is moving to Dior -- I'm not impressed...

I've read most of the major sources, and  it seems pretty official...Marc Jacobs is moving to Dior.

(Disclaimer: This is my opinion, so don't take this to heart. Also, if anyone has anything to add please do -- but please keep it civil...don't pull a Galliano heh -- um too soon? Anyway.. )

In all honesty, I'm kind of disappointed with hearing this news. Comparing both labels (Louis Vuitton etc. and Dior) I don't see these two houses on the same platform. First off, I do think that Marc Jacob does possess great design talent and obviously has a large fan base that love his work. However, I feel that he puts a larger focus on selling and merchandising his product. His mindset seems to be focused less on the art of creating fashion, and more on "how to sell his label" to the masses.  His endless marketing partnerships with the music industry and other American fashion labels (some of which I have even a worse opinion about...I'll keep that for another day) highlight his strategic maneuvering into making Marc Jacob first and foremost a widely available "product". Thus "selling out" his label, eroding high fashion from luxury to commonplace, and ultimately diminishing the artistic clout that high fashion comprises of.

In comparison, the house of Dior (at least for me) represents the essence of what fashion is meant to accomplish, creating designs that uphold the artistic merit of fashion, and in the same vein, represent innovation and a evolution of the house itself. Galliano, regardless of what he said, oozed with the artistic creativity and each season his work was even more flawless than the next. And because of this, his collection sell themselves without the desperate need to completely market and find other means to sell his brand.

I can go on forever...but simply put the house of Dior is placed at a higher standard, and Marc Jacob is not at this standard.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

YYZ Living Magazine -- Colourful Bloom

I was browsing through the magazine section at Chapters the other day and found this pretty neat magazine called YYZ Living.

I started to read it and found a section titled Colourful Bloom. I instantly fell in love with the images.
Each image is so stunning and very lush. It definitely reflected the season and I especially love the simplicity of the hats and decor.

Later when I got home, I googled this mag and found that it is a fashion and luxury magazine which is based out of Toronto, Ontario.  Also, it has an accompanying blog -- check it out!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bite Magazine - #1

So I just got back from a month long vacation to Lebanon, wow what a trip! I had a blast.
Anyway, I'm mostly back into my routine and gathered some blogging we go!

During my vacation, I happen to find a really interesting magazine that has recently come out.
Its called Bite and they just recently debuted their new magazine. Generally, this magazine discusses design, fashion, music, photography etc. (just like most fashion magazines). But in their debut issues (titled Atmosphere) I really enjoyed their editorial pictures.  I love how these images are displayed and the ideas are very aesthetically pleasing. I especially love the fashion displayed in these photos.
Again, like I mentioned before, I'm on a big feather kick and I love the feathered accessories that are displayed in these images. I also am loving the punk/rocker fashion statement that is being expressed in these images. Overall, this magazine has definitely caught my attention and I look forward to the next issue that comes out.

On a side note, I will be posting some of my vacation pictures so stay tuned :)


Simon Nygard cover the debut issue of Bite magazine, photographed by Syed Munawir and styled by Simon Nygard.