Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fall/Winter Trends for 2011

So I realize I'm late with the fall/winter trends, but anyway I've decided to make a list of whats popular this season.

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Fur it Up!   
     As the cooler weather approaches, the demand for warmer clothing increases as well. The fur trend made a continuous appearance on the runway in Milan and Paris. Labels like Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Balmain, and many others reintroduced this trend. Designers accented garments with fur (such as parts of collars) but also pushed  the envelope by making full fabric garments (jackets, coats, and vests). Since fur has always been a controversial subject, this trend may find difficulty in reaching popularity.Yet, fur does radiate a sense of luxury, thus mainly appealing to those who can afford such high priced items.

Crayola Explosion
      It could be assumed that the colour scheme for fall/winter clothing usually lingers around darker and more earthy tones. However, for the 2011/2012 season, designers opted for more brighter colours. This nuance was remienescent of colours found during the spring/summers season, yet now are being adapted to winter clothing. From jackets to pants, bright colours seem to be taking over the cold and drab cold weather we are accustomed to.

 70's Threads
     The 70's are back, at least when it comes to tailoring. Suit jackets have wider lapels, are more tightly fit, and some are even double-breasted. In terms of pants, they are low waisted, tight at the thighs and have a bit of a flare at the bottom. Designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Ermenegildo Zegna incorporated this style within their collections. The impression of this style is quite hip but also has a sense of "forgetten" class that is reminsescent of old Hollywood and the socialites of the past.

Shiny yet Chic!
     This piece has been around for a couple of seasons now, and it seems as if it will stay for the fall and winter season as well. Labels like Etro and Dolce & Gabbana have emphasized that the velvet jacket can still be a bold addition to a fashionistos wardrobe. And whats nice about the velvet jacket is that no matter what you wear it with (from denim to dress pants) its presentation will always be unique but regal. 

Stellar Stripes
     Stripes are still in. From chunky lines to thinner ones, this trend remains a popular pattern in menswear. Also, the colour combinations seems to be quite diverse for this fall and winter season. Also, labels like D&G and Iceberg demonstrate that stripes can fit various settings but also come in various styles.

Three Times the Charm 
     For those who want to take suiting to another level, this season the three-piece suit may be the answer. In past seasons, the suiting style was limited to the blazer and the suiting pant, however this seasons the vest is a key piece that not only brings a more classic look, but nicely ties in the whole suit together. Designers like Simon Spurr have highlighted how the three-piece is the new power suit, also with some tiny additions (like a pocket square) can bring the whole look to an even more appealing level.


Other popular trends: wide rimmed hats, suspenders, and workwear.

Stay tuned for my spring/summer list!

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  1. I like 70's Threads menswear style... and shiny yet chic are also amazing..