Sunday, 17 April 2011


     Since I consider myself visual creature, I love to look at pictures, but rarely do I find something that really catches my attention. In looking at magazines for instance, I'm quite picky in what I like. Overall, editorial magazines are my favourite ( specifically Acne Paper, Volt, Homme Essential, and Numero). Just recently, Vol 9. of Volt came out and I had to buy it. This magazine is sourced out of the UK and is basically a magazine that displays new talent in fashion, make-up, and other forms of style (
     Personally, I love this magazine for various reasons. First, I love how the dimensions of this magazine is big, perfect for putting them on your wall. Secondly, I really appreciate how they don't staple down the pages, makes it less of issue to seperate pages to post on your wall. And above all, I love the editorial pictures, rarely do images actually move me, but 9 times out of 10 when looking at these images I feel something shift in my body (and sometimes I give a sigh of amazement at how detailed and crisp the images are).

Acne Paper is another magazine that I keep an eye out for. It is similar to Volt but I find it is a bit more intellectual in the content that it discusses (ex. whats new in the art world etc). And I find that the images are alot more "classic" in that they pay attention to the human form and postures more than clothing. Again, this magazine causes me to react in overexaggarated ways, which usually is a good sign that I love it!
Take a gander at some images I found (some are from an older issue but these ones are some of my favs).

     The last magazine I want to mention for now is Homme Essential. As the title states, this magazine is essentially for men, and literally this magazine goes through all the new trends and styles that are hot for the season. This magazine is great for alot of reasons. I love the fact that it is affordable ( $6/issue) unlike other kinds of fashion magazines that charge alot more. Also, I love the fact that this magazine highlights whats hot on the runway, rather than just showing you runway pics without some explanation. And I should note that this magazine does have some great fashion photography but I wish the dimensions were alot bigger.

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