Sunday, 17 April 2011

Where it all began....

      I can't begin to talk about fashion without talking about the one person that constantly inspires me, my mother. Elegance, flawlessness and creativity are just some of the words I associate my mother’s style to embody. And in looking at the images, it is clear that she was not only in touch with fashion, but made it her own.

     Before I got these images I remember asking my mom what fashion was when she was growing up. She stated that it was less about the clothes and more about how someone carried themselves. Someone with confidence does not need to second guess what they wear; they just know it looks good. And no matter the price, it’s about making others believe it looks expensive with just your attitude and creativity. True style is simple and elegant, not restrictive and complicated.

     As she said this I began to reflect on my own understanding of what style means. My notions are somewhat in line with hers, but what stood out to me is how her ideas are more attuned to discovering our own philosophy, rather than emulating others. And in doing so, what comes naturally is our personal style, but also a way of living our life

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