Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Men's Spring/Summer Trends for 2011

Ooh Spring/Summer where art thou? It is quite cold in Ottawa still but that doesn’t mean we have to submit to our outdated winter fashion. So to rebel against such crap-tastic weather, I’m going to look beyond the frigid climate and talk about what’s HOT and trendy for men this Spring/Summer 2011. Clearly there are lots of trends this summer but here are my top 5 favourites.

Transparency: Yes you heard it folks, “see through” is in. Lace and transparent fashion is a must have this season. Various designers this seasons (such as D&G, Louis Vuitton and Burberry Prorsum) have displayed this fashion on the runway. And done the right way, it definitely does make quite a statement. Specifically, notice how they matched the transparent pieces with subtle pieces. This makes sense considering transparency does standout; therefore why not mix it with something that isn’t as loud.

                                                                                          D & G Spring Summer 2011

White out
: One big trend I’m noticing with many designers is the reintroduction of white…in everything. Of course a crisp white formal shirt does look great, so why not wear white all over. From tops, bottoms, and accessories, white this spring/summer is making a statement and (dare I say it) it might just become the new black (Gasp). But also don’t be afraid to wear some colour, picking one or two items with a bit of colour does add a nice contrast to the overall look.

                   D & G Spring/Summer 2011

Baggy/Relaxed: Big and floppy is in most definitely this season. From sweaters to pants, designers have rediscovered and redesigned how baggy should be done. As the hot climate approaches (hopefully sooner than later here!) why not wear something that is both trendy and helps the body breath a little. Again, folks let’s not forget to maintain some composure aka. Don’t overdo it…losing a bit of shape is okay but too much and you look like a blob.
         Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2011                                             Prada Spring/Summer 2011

Prints: Bold and traditional, prints are making a big bang to men’s wardrobes this summer/spring. With the traditional paisley to floral prints, new territory is being traveled and it’s definitely been a hit on the runway. But also keep in mind how prints can be taken to dangerous lengths (aka. too much bold prints in one outfit = may cause temporary loss of sight and/or blindness to those that witness such boldness). Hence exercise
 restraint, and attempt to mix bold patterns and prints with more muted tones

                                                    Rag & Bone Spring/Summer 2011

Cruise Look: Yes tis the season to be on a boat, so why not look the part too. The sailor look is definitely in and its been polished up. Notice the strips and boat neck collars, perfect for the hot season. Also, the nautical look is easily transferrable from a causal to a more sophisticated look. Furthermore, accessories like scarves and boat shoes go perfectly with this theme, and again are simple and versatile with other looks.

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2011

Additional notes:
Colours for this season: White, safari colours, neutrals, military shades, oranges and bright colours too.

: linen loose fit, and colors are in.

Outwear: Trench coats (Both classic and different lengths) are definitely in this season. Military jackets are definitely in as well as studded biker jackets, and wind-breakers

Accessories: boat shoes, loose fitting ties, and scarves.

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