Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Chanel - Cruise 2012

To herald the beginning of the Cannes Film Festival, Chanel attracted the crowds with its latest collection. Overlooking the French Riviera, this collection set a regal mood and reflected on the Twenties and Thirties Riviera glamour. In addition to the fashion show, Karl Lagerfeld premiered his short film titled The Tales of a Fairy. Also along the French Riviera, the film touched on various references to Coco Chanel and the period she lived in.

In watching both the fashion show and the film. I had mixed fillings on what exactly Karl Lagerfeld was trying to say. In talking about the fashion show, I felt that it was well executed and I did like some of the pieces that were shown. I especially loved the set up for the runway. It was crisp and refreshing (Karl always has a good eye for display his work). In terms of the fashion show, I preferred the pieces near the end of the show. I felt that they were more reflective of glamour and class. While the ones at the beginning seemed so restrictive and counterintuitive to the overall atmosphere of a cruise. With reflecting on the film, I felt it was too amateur and so art house…I kind of laughed at certain points. Anyway, below are some of the pieces I really liked and I linked both the film and the first part of the fashion show (I couldn't find part 2!). Enjoy!

The Tales of a Fairy

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