Sunday, 19 June 2011

My Designer Coordinator Experience

    In cleaning my laptop, I stumbled upon a folder containing pictures of my experience with Ottawa Fashion Week. And in reviewing these pics, I was surprised to also realize I haven't blogged about my experience  (considering my blog is focused on fashion and style).

    In saying that, I think it’s best to start with what Ottawa Fashion Week is and why I interned as a Designer Coordinator. OFW is non-for-profit event that aims to highlight the talents that both fashion designers and artist embody. In the same vein, this event strives to emphasize the sophistication and creativity that designers and artists bring, as well as show to the world that Ottawa IS a fashion hub.

    The reason why I decided to intern with OFW was because I love fashion and I truly do believe that Ottawa does have a strong sense of fashion and style. And my experience as a designer coordinator has solidified my belief. In working one on one with designers, I learned (to some degree) how much work it is to become a serious designer, and how much work it takes to produced a successful fashion show. More importantly, I learned that Ottawa has a strong passion for fashion and style. From the designers to the numerous volunteers, everyone showed that they carried deeply about fashion and style, and that Ottawa does have what it takes to compete in the global fashion market.

    The professionalism and sophistication of this event was a life-changing experience. As the event kicked off, I came down with a nasty cold. I remember doping up on meds throughout the event, I was on a mission to see my designers through and try to put all I have into this event. Overall, the event was an utter success. All the designers were so great, and the result was beyond my expectations


Beautiful Ottawa Models dressed in Adrian Wu

NAG (National Art Gallery) great venue for some top-notch fashion!

You Better Work!

Cute models, does anyone recognize the middle beauty...oh yeah Herieth Paul (on the cover of Elle Canada Magazine!)

Serendipity - Kelsey McIntrye


  1. it sounds like a great experience! great photos and great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. DUDE, cute blog!!

    I like the pictures and you have a very fun writing voice! Can't wait to see what you post next!


  3. Thanks ladies, I'm hoping to do it again! It was so fun!