Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Finally went to the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibit in Montreal!

So last week a couple of friends and I went to Montreal for the day, and boy was it a fun time!

First on our radar was the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibit ( I've been waiting since the beginning of the summer to go so finally we went!).

Honestly, it was an amazing exhibit. First off, the mannequins that were used was really interesting. The faces of the mannequins were actually digitally animated by a projector placed in front of the mannequins (over hanging the mannequins). So the mannequins were actually interactive and some explained the pieces they were wearing. One even was suppose to represent Jean-Paul Gaultier himself.

In looking at how the exhibition was mapped out, each section covered the major runway shows and influences JPG had. My favourite room had to be the Urban Jungle theme. This room displayed JPG's ethnic influences, showing his admiration for different types of ethnic clothing, and how different cultures are mixing other cultural clothing, materials, and styles. I also loved the images that were displayed throughout the exhibit. Its interesting to see his fashion sketches, and then being able to look at the real thing.

Clearly, this exhibit was definitely worth seeing. Its great to see the influences and inspiration that designers use in coming up with a collection. But also, shows the difficulty in making their vision become reality.

Here are some of the pictures I took (p.s. no FLASH ALLOWED!)


I'm going to create a Flickr account so I'll post the link with the rest of the pics..and then some :)

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